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                    This page provides answers to general questions that are often asked in regard to Sharp products.

                    LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY

                    Sharp products are designed to be marketed and sold for use in specific countries. The limited warranty is valid only in the country as described on the warranty card issued by Sharp, and/or documented in the operation manual included with the product. Please refer to your product's warranty statement for details.


                    Where can I obtain service on my Sharp product ?
                    Consult the dealer or retailer where you purchased the product, or contact the Sharp service organization in the country where your product was originally purchased. For the contact information of the local Sharp service organization, go to the "Service Network" section of this web site.
                    How can I confirm warranty information when purchasing a Sharp product ?
                    The limited warranty varies by product, and by the country where the product was sold. Please consult the dealer for warranty information when you purchase the product.
                    Can I use my Sharp product anywhere in the world ?
                    We strongly recommend that you use the product only in the country where it is marketed and sold by Sharp and/or its distributor, since safety standards, regulations and/or other local requirements may vary by country.

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