1910 - 1929

                    • Founder, Tokuji Hayakawa, invents the Tokubijo snap buckle and acquires utility model design patent
                    • Establishes metalworking shop in Matsui-cho, Honjo-ku, Tokyo (now Shin-ohashi, Koto-ku, Tokyo) on September 15
                    • Moves to Hayashi-cho, Honjo-ku, Tokyo (now Tachikawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
                    • Installs one-horsepower electric motor
                    • Invents Hayakawa Mechanical Pencil and begins export to the US and Europe
                    • Establishes Hayakawa Brothers Shokai
                    • Establishes branch factory in Oshiage, Tokyo (now Yahiro, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
                    • All factories destroyed during Great Kanto Earthquake
                    • Dissolves Hayakawa Brothers Shokai and relocates to Osaka
                    • Establishes Hayakawa Metal Works in Tanabe-cho, Higashinari-gun, Osaka Prefecture (now the location of the Head Office)
                    • Succeeds in assembling first Japan-made crystal radio set; begins mass production and sales
                    • Establishes sales office in Utsubo, Osaka
                    • Begins export of radio sets and components to China, Southeast Asia, India, and South America
                    • Establishes Tokyo office in Hayashi-cho (Honjo-ku, Tokyo), a former site of the company's factory
                    • Adopts assembly-line production for radios
                    • Holds Sharp radio trade fairs in Kyushu, Japan and Shanghai, China
                    • Releases AC vacuum-tube radios

                    1930 - 1949

                    • Hayakawa tours Hong Kong
                    • Begins attaching repair notices to radios. Retailers would notify the company of repairs they did by sending back these notices to the company.
                    • Establishes sales agency in Hong Kong
                    • Establishes Shanghai office
                    • Constructs Hirano Plant in Osaka
                    • Hayakawa Metal Works Institute Co. incorporated with capital of 300,000 yen (May 1)
                    • Youths' School Ordinance issued in Japan
                    • Installs intermittent belt conveyor system
                    • Makes Yokohama Motor Parts Manufacturing a subsidiary
                    • Changes company name to Hayakawa Metal Works Co.
                    • Establishes branch offices in Taipei and Seoul
                    • Establishes Hayakawa Commercial School for Youth
                    • Changes company name to Hayakawa Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
                    • Head office building completed
                    • Establishes Hayakawa Electric branch factory
                    • Establishes Izumi Plant in Izumi-cho (now Izumi City), Osaka (sold in 1948)
                    • Establishes Kyoto Plant in Shimogyo-ku (now Minami-ku), Kyoto (sold in 1947)
                    • Forms labor union
                    • Designated special accounting company
                    • Establishes Sharp Shoji
                    • Released from special accounting company designation
                    • Public stock offering, company listed on Osaka Securities Exchange

                    1950 - 1959

                    • Plant to employ the visually impaired incorporated as Tokusen Metal Limited Partnership
                    • Establishes business principles called the Five Accumulations of Competency
                    • Successfully develops prototype TV set
                    • Begins publication of Sharp News, an information magazine for retailers
                    • Special bus begins touring the country to advertise Sharp radios and TVs
                    • Signs cooperative agreement with RCA of the US for TV technology
                    • Forms Sharp Friends Club to strengthen ties between dealers, retailers, and the company
                    • Begins full-scale mass production of first Japan-made TV sets (TV3-14T)
                    • Constructs TV plant at the head office (now Tanabe Plant, Osaka) and installs endless conveyor system
                    • Opens Ikutoku-en nursery school
                    • Formulates in-house standards (HS: Hayakawa Standards)
                    • Spins off sales division to establish Sharp Electric Co.
                    • Constructs new building for Osaka Head Office
                    • Constructs new building for Tokyo Branch in Taito-ku, Tokyo
                    • Establishes Tokyo Sharp Geppan to sell Sharp products on monthly installment system; Sharp Geppan companies subsequently established nationwide
                    • Constructs Hirano Plant No. 2 in Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku (now Hirano-ku), Osaka
                    • Releases transistor radios
                    • Establishes laboratory
                    • Begins publication of Mado, an in-house magazine
                    • Sharp Electric merges with Hayakawa Dengyo, a company that sold fluorescent lighting
                    • Sharp Shoji and QRK Shokai (exclusive Sharp dealer) combined to form Osaka Sharp Sales (regional sales companies subsequently established)
                    • Institutes Sharp Friend Shop system; Sharp Friend Shop Associations formed nationwide
                    • Begins R&D on solar cells
                    • Constructs Yao Plant as company moves to become a comprehensive consumer electronics manufacturer
                    • Expands sales network in Southeast Asia by signing dealer agreements with Sampo Electronics and Roxy Electric

                    1960 - 1969

                    • Constructs Yamato-koriyama Plant No. 1 (now Nara Plant)
                    • Establishes corporate health insurance association
                    • Introduces IBM computer at the head office
                    • Establishes Central Research Laboratories
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC) in the US, the company's first overseas sales base
                    • Begins mass production of commercial-use microwave ovens (R-10)
                    • Osaka Municipal Hayakawa Welfare Hall completed with construction funds donated by President Hayakawa
                    • Builds shrine on Mt. Koya for holding Buddhist memorial services for deceased employees
                    • Establishes service company in Osaka
                    • Company reorganized into three divisions: radio, home appliances, and industrial equipment
                      Establishes Sharp Tokyo Product Center
                    • Release world's first all-transistor diode electronic desktop calculator (CS-10A) as company moves to become a comprehensive electronics manufacturer
                    • Builds mass-production line for solar cells
                    • Institutes 70 Strategy to strengthen distribution system
                    • Launches ATOM Unit program
                    • Releases home-use microwave oven with a turntable (R-600)
                    • Launches 55 Campaign that included Sharp technology fairs to celebrate 55th anniversary of company's founding
                    • Constructs Hiroshima Plant to mass produce transistor radios
                    • Sharp Electric absorbed into Hayakawa Electric
                    • Sharp Electronic Sales Okinawa Corporation established in Okinawa, then under US rule
                    • Establishes Hayakawa Electric Europe GmbH (HEEG) (name changed to Sharp Electronics [Europe] GmbH [SEEG] in 1970) as sales base in West Germany
                    • Holds first Basic Management Policy Conference
                    • Constructs Tochigi Plant to mass produce color TVs
                    • Establishes Business Cooperation Centers nationwide
                    • Launches MI campaign
                    • Signs cooperative technical agreement with North American Rockwell Corporation on ICs
                    • Osaka Municipal Abeno Youth Center completed with construction funds donated by President Hayakawa
                    • Establishes office equipment sales companies in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics (U.K.) Ltd. (SUK) as sales base in the UK
                    • Develops world's first GND (gallium arsenic negative-resistance light-emitting diode) semiconductor
                    • Releases world's first electronic calculator incorporating MOS LSIs (QT-8D)

                    1970 - 1979

                    • Changes company name to Sharp Corporation
                    • Establishes Sharp Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (name changed to Sharp Manufacturing Systems Corporation in 1994)
                    • Senior Executive Director Akira Saeki named president, President Tokuji Hayakawa named chairman
                    • Constructs Advanced Development and Planning Center
                    • Implements business group system
                    • Releases gallium arsenide double LED
                    • Establishes Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty. Ltd. (SCA) as sales base in Australia
                    • Awarded the 1970 Okochi Memorial Production Prize for incorporating ELSIs in calculators
                    • Releases company's first copier
                    • Launches new sales company system (regional sales companies consolidated into 16 companies by region)
                    • Launches S734 Project for developing COS calculators
                    • Adds Sharp Grand Award to annual employee commendation
                    • Opens Consumer Information Centers at nine service companies throughout Japan
                    • Establishes Sharp System Products Co., Ltd.
                    • Forms Sharp Employee Stockholder Association
                    • Establishes Business Philosophy, Business Creed, and Basic Business Principles
                    • Sets up employee savings scheme
                    • Establishes Sharp Data Corporation (SDA) (name changed to Sharp Korea Corporation [SKC] in 1984) as manufacturing base in Korea
                    • Begins production of CMOS LSIs; releases pocket-sized COS calculator with LCD
                    • Holds first company-wide QC circle convention
                    • Constructs former Sharp Tokyo Building (Sharp Tokyo Ichigaya Building)
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. (SECL) as sales base in Canada
                    • Establishes Sharp-Roxy Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SRC) as manufacturing base in Malaysia (name changed to S&O Electronics [Malaysia] Sdn. Bhd. [SOEM] in 2008)
                    • Launches ELM products
                    • Formulates company-wide quality standards (SS: Sharp Corporation Standards)
                    • Begins mass production of color TVs at SCA in Australia
                    • Launches New Life product strategy
                    • Sharp solar cells installed on Ume, Japan's first operational ionosphere-observing satellite
                    • Establishes Sharp System Service
                    • Launches Special Project Team system
                    • Tokusen Metal Limited Partnership certified as special subsidiary of Sharp Corporation
                    • Installs automated production line for the complete fabrication of calculators (awarded the Okochi Memorial Production Prize in 1981)
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics (Svenska) AB (SES) (name changed to Sharp Electronics [Nordic] AB [SEN] in 2000) as sales base in Sweden
                    • Sharp Manufacturing Company of America (SMCA) starts operations as production division of SEC
                    • Establishes SBC Software

                    1980 - 1989

                    • Announces one-trillion yen initiative
                    • Forms Sharp Fellowship Society
                    • Launches New Business product strategy under a "new business style" concept
                    • Chairman Tokuji Hayakawa passes away
                    • Establishes Sharp Business Co., Ltd.
                    • Establishes Sharp-Roxy Electronics Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SREC) as manufacturing base in Malaysia (merged into SMM in 2009)
                    • Establishes Sharp Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.
                    • Constructs Shinjo Plant (now Katsuragi Plant) in Nara
                    • Constructs mass-production plant for EL displays (starts full-scale operations in 1983)
                    • Develops laser diode with VSIS architecture
                    • Establishes Sharp (Phils.) Corporation (SPC) as manufacturing base in the Philippines
                    • Establishes Sharp Finance Corporation
                    • Establishes Sharp-ECD Solar Co., Ltd. as joint venture with Energy Conversion Devices Inc. of the US
                    • Sharp multinet system goes online
                    • Tokusen Metal Limited Partnership reorganized into Sharp Tokusen Industry Co.
                    • Establishes Sharp Engineering Corporation
                    • EL displays installed on the Space Shuttle
                    • Sharp Manufacturing Company of U.K. (SUKM) starts operations as production division of SUK
                    • Holds comprehensive technology exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai
                    • Establishes Sharp-Roxy Appliances Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SRAC) as manufacturing base in Malaysia (ceases operations in 2002)
                    • Establishes Sharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SRSSC) as sales base in Malaysia
                    • Establishes Creative Lifestyle Focus Center
                    • Constructs Fukuyama Plant
                    • Establishes Sharp Trading Corporation
                    • Builds prototype of 3-inch color LCD TV
                    • Builds "futuristic electric house" on the grounds of Yao Plant
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics (Schweiz) AG (SEZ) as sales base in Switzerland
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics GmbH (SEA) as sales base in Austria (merges with SEEG in 2004 to become SEEG Austria Branch)
                    • Establishes Sharp-Roxy Sales (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. (SRS) as sales base in Singapore
                    • Establishes Sharp Electrónica Espa?a S.A. (SEES) as manufacturing and sales base in Spain (ceases manufacturing in 2011)
                    • Senior Executive Director Haruo Tsuji named president, President Akira Saeki named chairman
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd. (SET) as manufacturing base in Taiwan (liquidated in 2010)
                    • Launches Liquid Crystal Display Division
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics Sales Corporation
                    • Establishes Sharp Appliances (Thailand) Limited (SATL) as manufacturing base in Thailand
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. (SESL) as kit export base in Singapore
                    • Chairman Akira Saeki appointed as corporate advisor
                    • Establishes Sharp-Roxy (Hong Kong) Ltd. (SRH) as sales base in Hong Kong
                    • The Sharp Columbus, a promotional event boat, cruises the waters of Japan for 18 months
                    • Establishes Sharp Corporation of New Zealand Ltd. (SCNZ) as sales base in New Zealand
                    • Establishes Sharp Precision Manufacturing (U.K.) Ltd. (SPM) as manufacturing base in the UK (liquidated in 2010)
                    • Introduces in-house recruiting system
                    • Develops hologram laser unit jointly with Philips International B.V. of the Netherlands
                    • Proclaims goal of becoming comprehensive electronics manufacturer on the strength of its optoelectronics technologies
                    • Develops world's first 14-inch color TFT LCD
                    • Establishes Sharp Manufacturing France S.A. (SMF) as manufacturing base in France
                    • Establishes Sharp Thebnakorn Co., Ltd. (STCL) as sales base in Thailand (name changed to Sharp Thai Co., Ltd. [STCL] in 2007)
                    • Establishes Kalyani Sharp India Limited (KSIL) as manufacturing base in India (name changed to Sharp India Limited [SIL] in 2005)
                    • Establishes Sharp Manufacturing Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SMM) as manufacturing base in Malaysia

                    1990 - 1999

                    • Establishes Sharp Corporation (Taiwan) (SCOT) as sales base in Taiwan
                    • Establishes Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Ltd. (SLE) as base to conduct basic research in the UK
                    • Launches Liquid Crystal Display Group
                    • SUKM receives the UK Queen's Award for Export and Technology
                    • Establishes Sharp International Finance (U.K.) Plc. (SIF) as financial subsidiary in the UK
                    • Establishes Sharp Burotype Machines S.A. (SBM) as sales base in France (name changed to Sharp Electronics France S.A. [SEF] in 1991)
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics (Italia) S.p.A. (SEIS) as sales base in Italy
                    • Company-wide small-group activities renamed Sharp CATS (Creative Action Teams)
                    • Establishes childcare leave system
                    • Achieves non-consolidated net sales of 1 trillion yen (fiscal 1989)
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics Benelux B.V. as sales base in the Netherlands
                    • Begins production at color TFT LCD plant (NF-1 production line) at Advanced Development and Planning Center
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronic Components (Taiwan) Corporation (SECT) as electronic components sales base, and Sharp Technology (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (STT) as IC design and development base (STT liquidated in 2007)
                    • Ties up with Intel Corporation in flash memory business
                    • Establishes Sharp Live Electronics Sales Corporation
                    • Establishes Shanghai Sharp Air-Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd. (SSAC) as manufacturing base in China (name changed to Shanghai Sharp Electronics Co., Ltd. [SSEC] in 1994)
                    • Constructs Makuhari Building
                    • Establishes Sharp Thebnakorn Manufacturing (Thailand) (STTM) as production division of STCL
                    • Begins production at Fukuyama Plant using 0.6 μm process design rules
                    • Establishes Sharp Office Equipments (Changshu) Co., Ltd. (SOCC) as manufacturing base in China
                    • Develops industry's first reflective TFT LCD requiring no backlight
                    • Establishes Wuxi Sharp Electronic Components Co., Ltd. (WSEC) as manufacturing base in China
                    • Establishes P.T. Sharp Yasonta Indonesia (SYI) as manufacturing base, and P.T. Sharp Yasonta Antarnusa (SYA) as sales base in Indonesia (the two merged to form P.T. Sharp Electronics Indonesia [SEID] in 2005)
                    • Establishes Sharp Laboratories of America, Inc. (SLA) as research base in the US
                    • Establishes P.T. Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia (SSI) as manufacturing base for semiconductors in Indonesia
                    • Begins operations at Mie Plant for mass production of LCDs
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (SEM) as combined R&D base and parts supplier in Malaysia
                    • Establishes Nanjing Sharp Electronics Co., Ltd. (NSEC) as manufacturing base in China
                    • Official Sharp Internet website opens
                    • All Sharp production bases in Japan certified for ISO 14001
                    • Establishes Shanghai Sharp Mold and Manufacturing Systems Co., Ltd. (SSMC) as manufacturing base in China
                    • Establishes Sharp Electrónica Mexico S.A. de C.V. (SEMEX) as manufacturing base in Mexico
                    • Launches Environmental Protection Group and starts 3G-1R Strategy
                    • Introduces integrated distribution system in Japan
                    • Establishes Sharp Middle East Free Zone Establishment (SMEF) as sales base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
                    • Jointly develops world's first CG-Silicon (continuous grain silicon) technology with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
                    • Develops and begins mass production of world’s first stacked CSP (chip size package)
                    • Establishes Sharp Document Systems Corporation and Sharp Amenity Systems Corporation
                    • Corporate Senior Executive Director Katsuhiko Machida named president, President Haruo Tsuji named corporate advisor
                    • Formulates Sharp Business Standards and Action Guidelines
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics Marketing Corporation
                    • President Machida declares that by 2005 all TVs Sharp sells in Japan will be LCD TVs
                    • Launches Sharp Space Town information service
                    • Develops 1-bit amplifier technology for reproducing ultra high-fidelity sound
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics Inc. of Korea (SEI) as sales base in Korea
                    • Establishes Sharp Software Development India Pvt. Ltd. (SSDI) as software development company in India
                    • Publishes first Environmental Report

                    2000 - 2009

                    • Launches advertising campaign for AQUOS, calling it a TV for the 21st century
                    • Establishes Sharp Microelectronics of China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SMC) as sales base in China (name changed to Sharp Electronics [Shanghai] Co., Ltd. [SES] in 2003)
                    • Establishes Sharp Business Systems (India) Limited (SBI) as sales base in India
                    • Becomes world's largest manufacturer of solar cells. Maintains this position for seven consecutive years, until 2006
                    • Releases TVs with Advanced Super View LCD
                    • Establishes S.I. Solutions jointly with IBM Japan
                    • Kansai Recycling Systems Co., Ltd. starts operations (established in 1999)
                    • Establishes Sharp Telecommunications of Europe, Ltd. (STE) as mobile telecommunications development base in the UK
                    • Establishes usability labs
                    • Establishes Comprehensive Call Centers (Customer Assistance Centers) for handling customer inquiries
                    • Establishes BRM (business risk management) Committee
                    • Ties up with El-Araby Group for air conditioning business in Egypt
                    • Operations begin at Mihara Plant
                    • Develops 3D LCD that can be switched between 2D and 3D formats
                    • Revises Sharp Business Standards and Action Guidelines; enacts Sharp Charter of Corporate Behavior
                    • Launches Sharp Green Club (SGC)
                    • SEMEX in Mexico begins production of AQUOS LCD TVs
                    • Establishes consumer electronics R&D center in China
                    • Constructs Mie Plant No. 3 to manufacture System LCDs
                    • Changes name of small-group activities to R-CATS and starts unique activities
                    • Establishes CSR Promotion Division
                    • Develops reflective/transmissive Mobile Advanced Super View LCD
                    • Starts eS-SEM strategic management system
                    • Operations begin at Kameyama Plant
                    • Establishes Sharp Technical Components (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. as manufacturing base in China
                    • Opens AQUOS Plaza sites in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka for the repair of large-screen AQUOS LCD TVs
                    • Announces environmental vision of becoming a zero global warming impact company by 2010 (achieved in 2008)
                    • Takes part in Team Minus 6%, Cool Biz, and Warm Biz, three initiatives of Japan's Ministry of the Environment
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics Sales (China) Co., Ltd. (SESC) as sales base in China
                    • Launches Sharp Yonago Corporation
                    • Establishes Sharp Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (SMTL) as manufacturing base in Thailand (reorganization of STTM)
                    • Establishes Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and Sharp Code of Conduct
                    • Electronic calculators recognized as IEEE Milestone
                    • Establishes Sharp Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o. (SMPL) as manufacturing base in Poland
                    • Kameyama Plant wins the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister’s Prize in the 8th Japan Water Award
                    • Teams up with NPO Weathercaster Network to begin eco-education in elementary schools in Japan
                    • Corporate Senior Executive Director Mikio Katayama named president; President Katsuhiko Machida named chairman
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics Russia LLC (SER) as sales base in Russia
                    • SEEG split into three separate entities for consumer electronics, information products, and solar power systems
                    • Establishes Toyama Plant to manufacture silicon for solar cells
                    • Introduces executive officer system
                    • Establishes Health and Environment Systems Group
                    • Sharp Corporation attains Privacy Mark certification
                    • Announces goal of becoming a total solutions provider for solar power
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics (Vietnam) Company Limited (SVN) as sales base in Vietnam
                    • Announces new environmental vision of becoming an Eco-Positive Company
                    • Starts production of LCD panels at Green Front Sakai

                    2010 -

                    • Akira Saeki, corporate senior advisor and former president, passes away
                    • Develops high-conversion-efficiency solar cells
                    • Starts production of solar cells at Green Front Sakai
                    • Solar cell business recognized as IEEE Milestone
                    • Establishes Sharp Corporation Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (SCMEX) as sales base in Mexico
                    • Establishes Enel Green Power & Sharp Solar Energy S.r.l. (ESSE) as independent power producer in Italy
                    • Establishes 3 Sun S.r.l. as manufacturing base in Italy
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics Research & Development (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. (SERD) as design and development base in China
                    • Acquires Recurrent Energy, LLC, a US developer of solar power plants
                    • Establishes Sharp Laboratories of China Co., Ltd. (SLC) as R&D base in China
                    • Establishes Sharp Solar Maintenance Asia Co., Ltd. (SSMA) as maintenance company for solar power plants in Thailand
                    • Establishes Sharp Brasil Comércio e Distribui??o de Artigos Eletr?nicos Ltda. (SBCD) as sales base in Brazil
                    • Establishes Sharp (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (SCIC) as Chinese headquarters
                    • Executive Managing Officer Takashi Okuda named president; President Mikio Katayama named chairman
                    • Starts mass production of LCD panels using IGZO (oxide semiconductor) technology
                    • Establishes Sharp Electronics (Europe) Limited (SEE) as European headquarters in the UK
                    • Celebrates 100th anniversary of company founding
                    • Forms capital alliance with Qualcomm Incorporated and signs joint development agreement for next-generation MEMS displays
                    • Reorganizes Japanese domestic sales companies: establishes Sharp Business Solutions Corporation (SBS) to handle B2B sales; changes name of solar and energy-related sales company to Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation (SESJ)
                    • Strengthens alliance with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. in LCD business and forms capital alliance with its Japanese subsidiary Samsung Electronics Japan Co., Ltd.
                    • Crystal Clear Solar, a joint venture of Sharp and Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd., starts operation of solar power plants in Osaka and several other locations in Japan
                    • Starts production of IGZO LCD panels for notebook PCs
                    • Construction completed on solar power plant in Thailand
                    • Executive Vice President Kozo Takashi named president; Takashi Okuda named chairman
                    • Enters into LED and laser diode patent cross-licensing agreement with OSRAM GmbH
                    • Starts operations of new home appliance plant in Karawang, Indonesia
                    • Enters into collaborative partnership with Denso Corporation, forms capital alliances with Makita Corporation and Lixil Corporation, and issues new shares through third-party allotment with the three companies
                    • Increases capital through public stock offering
                    • 50th anniversary since releasing the first calculator in Japan
                    • Develops Free-Form Display that enables the creation of new display designs to match a variety of applications
                    • 14-Inch TFT-LCD Recognized as IEEE Milestone
                    • Opens multipurpose space for solution proposals at "ABENO HARUKAS" (Abeno-ku, Osaka), the tallest building complex in Japan
                    • Representative Director and Executive Vice President Shigeaki Mizushima named chairman
                    • Issuance of Class Shares by third party allotment to Mizuho Bank Ltd., The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. Ltd., and Japan Industrial Solutions
                    • New FFD (Free Form Display) technology developed allowing designers to integrate a display of virtually any shape into their products
                    • Crystal Clear Solar, a joint venture of Sharp and Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd., expands operation area of solar power plants to Hokkaido and other locations in Japan
                    • Releases 8K video monitor, world’s first product that conforms to the 8K standard image and supports HDR extended display at 8K resolution
                    • Industry first products such as "AQUOS 4K NEXT" 4K LCD TV realizing 8K equivalent display, "Healsio Hotcook" and "DC Hybrid Air Conditioner" introduced
                    • World's first Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Mosquito catcher without using chemicals introduced to Japanese market (introduced to ASEAN market in September 2015)
                    • Announces strategic alliance with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
                    • Releases RoBoHoN, world’s first mobile robotic phone capable of walking on two legs
                    • Develops advanced wideband satellite digital broadcast receiver, world’s first receiver supporting 8K (Super Hi-Vision, or UHD) broadcasts
                    • Reassignment to 2nd Section from 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
                    • Head office relocated from Osaka City (22-22, Nagaike-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka City) to Sakai City (1 Takumi-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City)
                    • Sharp's shares of 388.8 billion yen in total subscribed to Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. and 3 others
                    • J.W. Tai (Executive V.P. of Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.) named president
                    • Plasmacluster technology proven for the first time ever to reduce the risk of tuberculosis infection in tuberculosis hospitals
                    • Establishes Sharp Jusda Logistics Corporation (SJL) and consolidates logistics-related businesses
                    • Establishes ScienBiziP Japan Co., Ltd. (SBPJ) for handling intellectual property affairs
                    • Reacquires the Tanabe Building (head office at the time of establishment of Hayakawa Metal Works in 1924), which had been transferred to a third party, as a hub for developing cutting-edge technologies and new business models
                    • Announces new corporate motto “Be Original.”
                    • Merges with Sharp Manufacturing Systems Corporation (SMS), which handles production equipment, control devices, and medical-related equipment
                    • Establishes Sharp Universal Technology (SZ) Co., Ltd. (SUT) for overseeing Sharp’s Chinese business; also establishes consumer electronics R&D center at SUT
                    • Forms alliance with Slovakia’s Skytec Group Limited for reentering the European AV market; acquires Skytec UMC Ltd. (SUMC)
                    • Sales of Plasmacluster technology-equipped products reach 70 million units worldwide; Plasmacluster recognized by the Guinness World Records® as the best-selling air purifier brand of 2015
                    • Releases cooler bags and other products that make use of cold-storage material created at Tekion Lab, Sharp’s first in-house startup
                    • Spins off a portion of the healthcare/medical business and establishes holding company Sharp Healthcare and Medical Company KY (SHMKY)
                    • Introduces stock option system
                    • Formulates fiscal 2017–2019 medium-term management plan, which states company-wide strategies of “People-Oriented IoT” and “8K Ecosystem”
                    • Transitions from a company with an audit and supervisory board to a company with an audit and supervisory committee
                    • Changes unit of shares (trading unit) of common shares from 1,000 to 100 shares
                    • Reorganizes Japanese domestic sales and service companies and merges them into Sharp Business Solutions Corporation (SBS); changes name to Sharp Marketing Japan Corporation (SMJ)
                    • Releases world’s first 8K-compatible LCD TV in China in October and in Japan in December
                    • Starts mass production of green laser diodes; becomes first company in the industry to supply laser diodes in three primary colors (red, green, blue)
                    • Releases world’s first professional-use 8K camcorder capable of shooting, recording, playback, and line output of 8K (60p) video in an all-in-one camera/recorder unit
                    • Sharp Corporation’s common shares listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
                    • Signs sponsorship agreement with professional soccer team Cerezo Osaka
                    • Acquires Kantatsu Co., Ltd., a company that has its strengths in micro-lens units for smartphone cameras
                    • Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation (SESJ) takes over a portion of Sharp Corporation’s energy solutions business
                    • For the first time in a decade, Sharp records profits for all four quarters in fiscal 2017; business recovery allows Sharp to pay dividends for the first time in six years
                    • Enters the pet business by launching the HN-PC001 Pet Care Monitor (cat litter tray) and vitals statistics system for dogs
                    • Releases AQUOS R2, the world’s first smartphone to have two cameras on the back—one for shooting videos and the other for taking photos at the same time
                    • Plasmacluster technology proven to inhibit the activity of household mold and bacteria that cause skin diseases in pet dogs and cats
                    • Sharp Energy Solutions (SESJ) receives orders for and constructs mega solar power plants in Vietnam, Mongolia, and Indonesia
                    • Acquires Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation that handles Dynabook brand PCs
                    • Releases several industry-first products, such as a Plasmacluster refrigerator that works with Sharp’s AIoT cloud service and cooking appliances, and a wireless LAN-equipped, energy-efficient Plasmacluster air conditioner
                    • Releases the world’s first 8K tuner capable of receiving new 4K8K satellite broadcasts, an AQUOS 8K LCD TV with built-in 8K tuner, an 8K-compatible USB hard drive for recording 8K programs, a 4K tuner and AQUOS 4K recorder for recording new 4K broadcasts, and an AIoT-ready AQUOS 4K LCD TV
                    • Releases AQUOS zero, Sharp’s first smartphone to have Sharp’s OLED display and weighing 146 grams, the world’s lightest smartphone

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